Union Cup Madrid 2017

The Union Cup is a biennial European, non-professional, gay rugby union tournament, bringing together teams and joint teams from all over Europe.
The Union Cup 2017 will take place from 28 – 30 April in Madrid. On site registration and collection of the Welcome Packs will be open all day on Friday 28th and an Opening Ceremony will follow. The competition will take place on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th. The tournament will come to a close with the Prizes and Closing Ceremony on Sunday evening.

The first edition was held in May 2005 in Montpellier, France, and had seven participating teams. Since then the tournament has been hosted by Copenhagen (2007), London, (2009), Amsterdam (2011), Bristol (2013) and Brussels (2015)
In 2015 three teams submitted their bids for the Union Cup 2017 tournament: Emerald Warriors from Dublin, Madrid Titanes RC from Madrid and Newcastle Ravens from Newcastle. On the 23rd of May 2015  it was announced in Brussels that Madrid Titanes Rugby Club was the chosen club to organize the Union Cup 2017 in Madrid

Madrid Titanes R.C.

Born in 2013 as a small group of friends passing the ball in a park, in over four years Madrid Titanes has rapidly grown into a solid sports and social project, with an average of 40 players training and playing every week in modern facilities.
The club prides itself on promoting a tolerant and friendly environment for rugby, where everybody is welcome, no matter their age, gender, origins or sexual orientation. The purpose of the team is to defend the LGBT visibility through sports.
Our great relationship with the media is helping make rugby advance in a country with no big tradition, and helping many people discover and play the sport. In our short life we have been featured in several Spanish national tv channels, newspapers, magazines and sports journals.
 The team actively collaborates with non-profit organizations supporting causes such as raising awareness of HIV or fighting homophobia and bullying.
Madrid Titanes is the first Spanish team to become a member of the IGR (International Gay Rugby). We have been active in the International community by attending the Berlin Bash About tournament, Los Valents de Montpellier anniversary, the Caledonian Thebans Rugby Clinic and the Dark Horses’s Pitch Beach tournament.
We are fully integrated in our regional rugby community, playing regular matches with other teams. In the spring of 2015, Madrid Titanes took part for the first in an official Spanish competition, Madrid Cup. On November 2014 we launched our annual Tackle HIV match, where we played against a barbarians team made of players from other regional clubs. And on September 2015 we joined the regional rugby competition where we face the most important teams of the rugby of the region of Madrid. Now, we are proud to bring the Union Cup to Madrid and help organise one of the most exciting LGBT rugby tournaments in the world.

Madrid, the host city

Madrid is a city where tradition and modernity coexist in perfect harmony, that is why it is known around the world as the capital of charm and joyfulness. Our city is also recognized for being welcoming, friendly, open, peaceful and cosmopolitan. Visitors are captivated by its atmosphere, bustle and general exuberance. Anyone who spends some time in Madrid, finds it difficult to leave.

Madrid has become one of the top gay destinations in the world. It’s easy to know why. Not only is our capital a first class tourist and cultural destination, it’s also a fun, friendly and tolerant city that has loads in store for LGBT tourists.

Spain  has one of the most progressive legislations in terms of LGBT rights and that, together with all of Madrid’s attractions, makes for a city where everyone feels welcome.

Gay tourists will feel quite at home in Madrid, in one of the most famous gay districts in the world: Chueca. This traditional neighborhood has become a trademark for modernity, avant garde fashion, the latest design, the craziest parties, delicious cuisine and excellent music and clubs.


Chueca integrates the local population to the newcomers. The locals coexist with thousands of visitors who arrive daily, lured by the cultural and commercial attractions available in the district. The neighbourhood has two main avenues: Calle Fuencarral and Calle Hortaleza, which are home to the most original and daring trend-setting of fashion shops. They also host interesting furniture, gift, book, interior design and exquisite perfume shops. Hotels of various price ranges are also available

Along with the development of the neighbourhood, Madrid currently stages an event that has been labeled as the Best Gay Pride in the World.

The celebrations go for a whole week and end with a huge, massive parade which always takes place on the first Saturday after June 28.

Nevertheless, Madrid is so much more than a gay friendly district and partying. The city offers the tourists a range of attractions that go well beyond the limits of the gay neighbourhood and the Gay Pride.

From majestic art museums to a top notch gastronomy, from a persistent and peaceful bright cerulean sky to the freshness and greenness of our parks; from fashionable luxurious streets to tiny, hidden bookshops; from fun activities for kids to the best sport events in Spain, visitors will find themselves immersed in a city of never-ending entertainment.


World Pride Sports

This is an important year for Madrid. Spain’s capital is hosting the World Pride, the big worldwide party of LGBT Pride, in the Chueca neighbourhood. A huge festival to celebrate, debate and show diversity, whose central act will be the World LGBT Pride Parade, the biggest in the world.
Madrid’s LGBT sports associations and clubs -which fight everyday for diversity in sport- have joined the wide activity program of this appointment, that will make Madrid the capital of tourism, leisure, culture, and sports.
This year, Halegatos Swimming Club, Madpoint Tennis Club, GMadrid Sport and Madrid Titanes Rugby Club will hold several tournaments under the brand of World Pride Sports.
The Union Cup is -due to the number or participants arriving from all over the Europe- the most important sports appointment on this diversity and visibility program of the LGBT community.