Rugby Union Tournament

Union Cup will be structured in 3 different cups: Cup, Plate and Bowl.
Each individual team will be placed in one of the cups by the organization, based mostly in the team request, results in previous tournaments and players’ experience. This structure, used in Bingham Cup, allows all teams to have a competitive and enjoyable experience and avoids large gaps between teams.
Teams will compete in Rugby Union 15 matches structured in two phases: League, which will take place during day one and Single-elimination tournament, which will take place during day two.

Old boys match

Individuals 35 years old and above who don’t feel like roughing down with kids (and kids in spirit) for the full Rugby 15 Tournament are welcome to join the Old boys match.
Depending on the demand it will either be a Rugby 7 match or a Rugby 15 match.
Please notice that you won’t be able to participate both in the Old boys match and Rugby 15 tournament, so choose accordingly!

Girls Only

You asked for it and we got it! For the first time the Union Cup will include a competition for female teams and individuals.
Depending on the demand it will either be a single Rugby 15 match between two teams, or a triangular tournament with two matches for three teams.